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About Main Street Investments

Mathew Dahlberg

My experience in investment management, tax preparation, and tax planning sits at the intersection of the financial and tax worlds. I launched Main Street Investments to help friends and neighbors in America’s heartland take advantage of the numerous financial opportunities that tax planning and investment planning offer. 

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We help clients build and protect their long-term wealth through tax-efficient strategies.

Real People.
Not Robots.

You could hire a robot to run your portfolio for next to nothing  – why would you want to? 

We combine the cost savings of the latest technology with real in-person service to deliver digital, offline, or hybrid strategies dependent on your needs and preferences.

We Couple Investment Management with Tax Expertise

Are you losing money to poor asset allocation and asset location strategies?
What are the inflation-adjusted, after-cost, and after-tax returns on your investments?

Evaluate the tax efficiency of your investment strategy with an advisor today.